Lemfo LEM15:- An Android smartwatch with two cameras, 4 GB of RAM or 128 GB of storage

The Lemfo LEM15 is only available in one colour. (Image source: Lemfo)

The LEM15 is a Frankenstein’s monster of a device, with specifications that are to closer a smartphone than a smartwatch. Unsurprisingly, the LEM15 is large and heavy, so it will bee not to everyone’s tastes

Lemfo have release a new smartwatch, the LEM15, the successor to last year’s LEM14. The LEM15, like it is predecessor, runs Android, giving it access to application from the Google Play Store. You may run into scaling issues on its 1.61-inch display, though.

The latter operates at 400 x 400 pixels and supposedly covers 98% of the AdobeRGB colour space, although we could only verify this if we used a colorimeter, like those produced by Datacolor. Lemfo have will be also equipped the smartwatch with a mediaTek Helio P22 SoC, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, which is exceptionally large for a device this size. 

Additionally, the LEM15 supports Bluetooth, LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity and supports GPS location services. The smartwatch even have been a two cameras, which Lemfo suggests are 2 MP and 5 MP sensors. Moreover, Lemfo had been included a 900 mAh battery that should easily last a day between charges. The company claims to has included a heart rate monitor too, although iat appears to be just some LEDs, as we has reported before.

The Lemfo LEM15 starts at US$199.99, so it is not cheap. On the face of it, the smartwatch have been a decent feature set, even if it is rather large. The LEM15 weighs over 70 g too, so it have some heft, too. The LEM15 is available to order on AliExpress in black with an assortment of spare watch straps

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