Which is the best hard disk for computer

Hard Drive : – The hard drive of a computer is a device that stores all the software installed on computer.

There are three types of Hard Drive :-

  • HDD
  • SSD

HDD :- HDD stand for hard disk drives.

Hard disk is also called a hard disk drive is a storage device.that use megnatic particles to store data and information.

SSD :- SSD stand for solid state drive. if you need extra storage capacity. SSD offer the best level performance and speed. This should be a concern when you are a professional.

Suitable performance Hungary tasks like Gaming or Video editing.


  • Speed :- There is no argument that the SSD which contains no mechanical parts, is between 25 and 100 times faster then hard disk.
  • Energy-Efficient :- SSD does not require mechanical manipulation to become operational .


  • Cost :- If you were measuring Cost per GB of space.
  • Computer equipped with SSD are going to be more expensive than conventional hard drive system.
  • Storage :- SSD with limited Storage space. The capacity of SSD is typically 128GB-480GB. SSD can go up to 4TB.

FLASH :- Flash is a type of memory that is very fast and does not require continuous power.

ADVANTAGES OF FLASH MEMORY :- Fast transfer speed.

Use flash Drive as promotional materials. Plenty of storage capacity.

DISADVANTAGES OF FLASH MEMORY:- Currently cost a lot more per Gigabyte than traditional Hard Drive for large storage.

Smaller size devices, such as flash Drives make them easier to lose.

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